Starlight - Products
Nova Series lamp shades

Nova Series
Code : Nova FP-14

White Modular Lamp Shade Saporo.

Saporo Series
Code : Saporo FP-08

Pendant Light Fixture Ravena in white.

Ravena Series
Code : Ravena FP-12

Modern Pendant light fixture Duette in White.

Duette Series
Code : Duette FP-31

Modern Pendant lamp shade Luna White.

Luna Series
Code : Luna FP-06

Contemporary Pendant Light Fixture Fasette in White

Fasette Series
Code : Fasette FP-30

Pendant Lamp Shade Galaxy in White.

Galaxy Series
Code : Galaxy FP-04

Pendant light fixture Venus in White.

Venus Series
Code : Venus FP-510

Modern Pendant Lamp Shade Flower Ball

Flower Ball Series
Code : Flower Ball FP-35-14

Pendant Light Fixture Wave in White.

Wave Series
Code : Wave FP-998

Pendant lampshade Tyfoon

Tyfoon Series
Code : Tyfoon FP-29

Pendant Square LampShade

Cube Series
Code : Cube KA-TE

Cylindrical Pendant light fixture made of rice paper.

Cylinder Series
Code : Cylinder ΚΑ-ΚΥ

Pendant Cone Lamp shade

Κ1 Series
Code : KA-IS-K1

Pendant Light Fixture Twin ΤΤ

Twin T T Series
Code : KA-TW-TT

Pendant Light Fixture Twin TK

Twin TK Series
Code : ΚΑ-TW-TK

Pendant Light Fixture Twin KK

Twin KK Series
Code : KA-TW-KK

Pendant rectangle lampshade

Rectangle Series
Code : KA-TE

Cylindrical Light Fixture "Drum"

Drum Series
Code : Trum ΚΑ-ΚΥ

Pendant plisse lampshade.

Plisse Series
Code : KA-PL

Pendant patterned lampshade in mint color.

Plisse Series 18
Code : KA-PY-18

Pendant fluted lampshade in white.

Fluted Series 14
Code : KA-PF-14

Pendant fluted lampshade in green.

Fluted Series 16
Code : KA-PF-16

Pendant fluted lampshade.

Fluted Series 18
Code : KA-PF-18

Pendant fluted lampshade.

Fluted Series 21
Code : KA-PF-21

Shade for pendant and table lampshades.

Fluted Series 21
Code : KA-PF-21

Pendant capiz seashel lampshade Bell

Code : FO-10-129

Pendant Tiffany style lampshade Daisy

Daisy flower
Code : FO-10-28

Pendant Tiffany style lampshade Dollar

Code : FO-10-05

Pendant Tiffany style lampshade Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel
Code : FO-10-54

Pendant Tiffany Style lamp shades Wave

Code : FO-10-152

Pendant Tiffany Style lamp shades Krinos

Code : FO-10-55

Pendant Tiffany Style lamp shades Rhombus

Code : FO-10-83

Pendant Tiffany Style lamp shades Tulip

Code : FO-10-56

Pendant Children's Lamp shades Countryside Pictures

Countryside pictures
Code : KA-KY-8008

Pendant Children's Lampshades Countryside Cartoon

Countryside Cartoon
Code : KA-KY-8009

Pendant Children's Lamp shades Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark
Code : KA-KY-8001

Pendant Children's Lamp hades Zoo - Lion

Zoo - Lion
Code : KA-KY-8007-LX

Pendant Children's Lampshades Zoo Giraffe Collection

Zoo Giraffe
Code : KA-KY-8007-PT

Pendant Children's Lampshades Ducklings Cartoon.

Ducklings Cartoon
Code : KA-KY-8004

Pendant Children's Lampshades Baby Bears collection.

Baby Bears
Code : KA-KY-8005

Pendant Children's Lampshades Cowboys Cartoon

Cowboys Cartoon
Code : KA-KY-8010

Pendant Children's Lampshades Cars Cartoon

Cars Cartoon
Code : ΚΑ-ΚΥ-8003

Pendant Children's Lampshades Carriages Cartoon

Carriages Cartoon
Code : KA-KY-8012

Pendant Children's Lampshades Carnaval Cartoon

Carnaval Cartoon
Code : KA-KY-8006

Pendant Children's Lampshades Sailor Cartoon

Sailor Cartoon
Code : KA-KY-8002

Outdoor wall sconce.

Sconce Lantern Outdoor
Code : MF-ΟW -1

Outdoor Pendant Lantern

Outdoor Pendant Lantern
Code : MF-OH-1